Hacks to Make Your Life as a Mom Easier

There are many tricks for mothers that make life easier. Since you announce your pregnancy, you will be inundated with advice from family, friends, colleagues, and social networks. As a mom, you know that having free time can be a rarity. So, any advice that helps you save time and make things easier is valuable. Unfortunately, not all of them will be helpful, and the influx of information can leave you feeling more stressed than prepared. However, there are several tips that are passed from generation to generation, and they will surely make your entire routine easier if you apply them.

These hacks will not only make your life as a mom easier. But they will also benefit your baby. Put them to the test, and if you find them useful, you can suggest them to another mother. In this article, you will find several useful hacks and recommendations that will surely be useful to you.

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Create Diaper Changing Kits

Being on a changing table with a fussy, uncomfortable baby can complicate things, so this is a tip that any experienced mom will give you. Not only because it will help you not waste time. But it will allow you to change your baby’s diaper as soon as you need it. You only need to create individual bags that include a diaper and wipes, so you can grab one and run to the changing table instead of digging through your bag to find what you need. When you finish changing your baby, you can use that same bag to store the dirty diaper and throw it away, or to deposit other waste.

This tip is useful especially if someone else will help you change the baby. Instead of telling them where everything is and having the person find each of the necessary things, you only need to tell them to take one of the kits. Thanks to that, there will also be no risk that your assistant makes a mistake or takes the wrong products.

Apply Diaper Cream on Your Face

Did you know that diaper cream can be ideal for hydrating dry skin on your face? Just like you heard it. Of course, you will have to choose the right product for this, but imagine how beneficial it can be to find a product that can also be useful for you and your baby. It is a great way to save money. If you want to try it, we recommend using Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment.

Triple Paste is a gentle zinc oxide medicated diaper rash ointment that soothes, treats, and prevents red, irritated skin caused by diaper rash without harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Recommended by pediatricians and tested by dermatologists, Triple Paste is the premium choice to provide lasting relief from raw, irritated skin in a skin treatment safe for everyday use.

Buy a Dishwasher

Caring for a baby can take many hours. When the baby falls asleep, mothers can finally rest. But the reality is that many times they have to use that free time to take care of other things for their baby, such as washing all the bottles and things they use. The best thing you can do is use the dishwasher instead of spending countless hours washing bottles and breast pump parts by hand.

Make sure you use a clear dishwasher and, if you have one, always activate the sterilization function. You can purchase dishwasher cages for small bottles and breast pump parts to make washing and draining even easier. A dishwasher is one of the best purchases you can make, not only for you but for your baby, since this appliance will thoroughly wash every corner of the bottles. There are even mothers who use the dishwasher to wash toys.

Use a Different Diaper Bag for Baby Care

If you plan to hire a babysitting or daycare service, consider using two separate diaper bags or a bag and a backpack to keep everything organized and avoid constant packing and repacking. Another idea you can apply is to ask the babysitter to keep her bag stocked so that all bags are always ready to use.

Put a Rubber Band on the Wipes

You may not think that unpacking the wipes can cause too much stress. But you cannot go wrong with something like this. When you only have one hand free while the other holds your baby’s legs, the last thing you need is for wipes to be bundled together and several taken out at once. A simple solution is to put a rubber band or hair tie around the wipes container. This way, when you pull the wipe you will only remove one since the rubber will prevent more from coming out. It is a simple solution that will make a big difference when you need to change several dirty diapers in one day.

Store Wipes Upside Down

This is another trick for individual packages of baby wipes. If you want to prevent the first wipe from drying out, turn it over and store the package so you will see how the moisture is better distributed and no wipes dry out.

Take Stickers With You

If you go for a walk with your child, you will know they can get bored at any moment, and things can get complicated. But it is also cumbersome to carry toys with you for your baby to play with, either because of the weight or size or the risk of them getting lost somewhere.

Stickers are an excellent way to entertain your child, and the best thing is that they fit anywhere and do not take up space or are heavy. In addition, you can also leave some sheets of stickers saved in places you visit often, such as in the car or in the house of a family member you visit frequently.


Knowing strategies to care for your baby will benefit him but will also help you save time and do things more efficiently. Practice the tips you read in this list, and you will see how your life as a mother becomes much more bearable and simpler.

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