9 Most Major Causes for Not Getting Pregnant

In recent decades, one of the most common problems faced by couples in infertility problems and not getting pregnant because of it. When making research on the issues, it was found that there are so many reasons for a woman for not getting pregnant. Some of the ideas were common, and some were medical issues associated with a couple for not affording a baby.

Common Causes for Not Getting Pregnant

  • Stress and food habits:Stress is one of the things that will not help you have a healthy life. When you have stressed automatically, your adrenal system takes a hit, and that creates an issue in getting pregnant. Also, the foods that modern people consume do not contain sufficient minerals and vitamins. Moreover, fast food items create some harm for people who consume them.
  • Sleep deprivation:For the people who do not sleep for sufficient time, it is found that their immune system is down and there are chances for getting an infection in the reproductive cycle. These infections will create a fever in the place, and that will damage the sperms. This creates an issue in getting pregnant.
  • Pollution in the environment:It is found that some industrial compounds like perchlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other pesticides decrease the ability for the couple to have a child up to 29%. These toxic compounds are no longer manufactured, but they are still present in the older products and create the problem.
  • Bodyweight:It is not good to be too thin or to be too fat since both will affect the health of a woman. A study says that skinny women are less likely for pregnancy when compared to the ones who are overweighted. Get advice from your doctor and maintain the right weight to afford pregnancy.
  • Use of lubricants:Using water-based lubricant will come with the glycerin and that are toxic for the sperm. It can reduce mobility and create problems in the transfer of sperms. Such damage and subsequent inability of the sperm in the process of penetration into the cervix that is in contact with the lubricant may prevent pregnancy for individual couples.
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Medical Causes for Not Getting Pregnant

  • Thyroid issues: Hypothyroidism is related to the range of reproductive disorders like abnormal sexual development, infertility, sexual development. Researchers say that the prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity in patients who have problems of infertility that suggests there is a possibility for an increased incidence of AITD.
  • Male infertility:It is found that one in five couple who are suffering from impotence; the problem lies solely in males. It is also found that around 20 men in 100 are suffering from certain kind of infertility issues, and the number of sperms in his ejaculation is too low.
  • Irregular periods:An irregular period leads to inconsistent ovulation, and it is not possible for getting pregnant without an egg. The doctor refers to the number of irregular periods to overcome the issue like a healthy diet, maintaining weight, take improving supplements, and prefer some of the exercises to get regular periods.
  • Endometriosis:It is the chronic disorder in the reproductive system that leads to the endometrial cells to grow outside of the uterus. It will block the tube and prevent fertilization and also the sperms will not be able to move in the fallopian tube. This causes painful periods, painful bowel movement, unbearable pain during sex, and frequent urination with a feeling that the bladder is full during the menstrual cycle and pelvic pain.

Where to go for IVF Treatment

When you are looking for the treatment for the issue, it is essential to choose the right doctor who can help you entirely with the problem. You can visit the doctor with the following features.

  • Look for the treatment methods that he or she is going to use to treat you
  • Make sure that you can reach the doctor at all the time that they schedule for the treatment
  • Look for the structure of the hospital and the way they treat the patients
  • Speak to them clearly about the procedure and know the pros and cons of the method.
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If you can understand the complete details of the treatment and if you are satisfied with the treatment, you can choose the hospital for further procedures.

Make sure you are taking the right measures in the earlier stage only that can help you to rectify the problems quickly. Also, get concentrated on your health as well. It is essential to take care of the official things and to work to lead a comfortable life at the same time; it is necessary to be healthy as well. Have proper food that provides a balanced diet and do some exercise regularly to avoid some of such issues.