Why are Menstrual Cups better than Sanitary pads and tampons? 6 Reasons

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During menstruation, what do you use? A pad? Tampon? Or a menstrual cup? If you are using pads or tampons, we suggest you switch to a menstrual cup as they are better for health, hygiene, and the environment. For most women around the globe, using a tampon or sanitary pad comes easily as they have seen a generation of women using the same.

Convincing them to switch to menstrual cups is a challenge, but we are ready to take it. After reading the below article, you will be inclined to at least try using menstrual cups, and once you do, you will love it because it is hassle-free and cheaper in the long run. So, let’s learn more about menstrual cups below.

What are menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are medical-grade silicone rubber cups you can insert into your vagina for collecting blood. It is a reusable product that is two inches long and is not bleach-free. When you insert it into your vagina, it can collect fluids and blood that you can empty into your toilet after every eight-ten hours or if you want to clean it.

The best part of a menstrual cup is that it is reusable. You can boil it to clean it up and keep it securely till your next cycle comes up.Often, they come in two sizes- small and large. The former is best for women below 30 years of age, and the latter is best for women over 30 years. Also, when you buy one as a moxie menstrual cup, you get it completely toxin-free and bleach-free.
We get the gist of what menstrual cups are. But why are they considered better than pads and tampons? Here are the reasons for the same!

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Why are menstrual cups better?

There is no residue

When you use pads and tampons, they always leave fiber on the vagina’s wall. It can make you feel itchy, and the chances of toxic shock syndrome increase. When you use menstrual cups, there is no such residue as they use silicone material. Thus, switch to a menstrual cup for better hygiene.

It protects your vagina.

There are times when the vagina can increase dryness or even cause it. This is because they absorb 35% moisture and 65% menstrual fluids. It can cause an imbalance in the pH of the vagina which can invite infections and other problems. When you use a menstrual cup, you don’t have to worry about dryness or itching as it doesn’t impact the natural pH of the vagina. Also, it ensures that the vaginal wall does its job of protecting and cleaning the area well.

Menstrual cups are best for long-time use.

You have to change a tampon or sanitary pad after every 4-6 hours. If you don’t, the chances of getting infections increases in the body. Menstrual cups give you more time as you can wear them for eight to twelve hours without emptying or cleaning them. If you think that you will feel them in your body if you wear them for this long, you are wrong! Even after wearing them for long, you will not feel a thing, making them perfect for traveling or working in an office on deadlines.

Works best for sensitive skin

Women with sensitive skin often get rashes from sanitary pads. In addition, it irritates their skin to the extent that it becomes raw and painful. If you have sensitive skin, too, it is best to switch to silicone as they use medical-grade silica, which is safe for everyone’s use. Lastly, if you suffer from allergies or eczema, go with menstrual cups to protect your skin from more trouble.

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Menstrual cups are eco-friendly.

Reusable sanitary pads or tampons are not a thing yet. Sure, biodegradable tampons and pads are now at work and are good for the environment and skin. However, most people still use disposable ones, ending in landfills. It not only increases the garbage but recycling them is a challenge, leading to more pollution as one pad takes years to biodegrade.
When you switch to menstrual cups, you don’t have to worry about this, as you can reuse them for years without worrying about safety issues.


Confused? You must be because buying menstrual cups for the first time is an expensive affair. They don’t come cheap. However, they are pocket-friendly because once you buy them, you can reuse them for up to five years or even more if you care for them properly. Thus, it is cheaper because your one-time investment gives you benefits for over five years. The same is not valid for tampons or pads, as you have to buy them for every cycle, and if you start calculating this amount, it will be massive.

Cons of menstrual cups

There are not many defaults in menstrual cups. However, if you are investing in something, you need to know everything about the same. So, here are a few cons of using menstrual cups.

Cleaning them in a public place without proper soap and water is a hassle. If you don’t clean it properly and put it back, you can get itchy or may not sit well..

If you are not using or inserting them correctly, you will have vaginal irritation.

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Menstrual cups are not for you if you are allergic to rubber or silicone.

To conclude…

Menstruation is normal and part of every woman’s life. To make these 4-7 days easier on yourself, you can choose tampons, pads, or menstrual cups, whatever you are comfortable with. However, we would suggest you go with menstrual cups as you read the benefits it provides. It’s hygienic, eco-friendly, and safe to use.

Moreover, since it’s reusable for a good period, investing in them is not as expensive as buying sanitary pads or tampons every month because the average woman uses eight pads per cycle, which equals a massive amount if we count every menstruating woman. And, on the other hand, it adds to environmental issues and puts a dent in your pocket. So, go out and look for the best menstrual cups for better health.