DIY Mom Garage Designs

If you’re a mom looking for the ultimate DIY garage design, you’ve got your work cut out for you! Building a garage yourself is nothing less than an uphill battle, but that’s why people take part in the DIY experience.

While several people buy garage kits and put them together in months or weeks, but not many people are willing to build a garage from the ground up! To put it simply, it’s a fun and rewarding experience.

That said, all garage designs start with a plan.

A Double Garage With a Porch

The garage can cover just about every need that you may have. Since it’s a double garage, there’s ample room for two cars and storage for you to store other equipment. On the other side of the garage, there’s going to be a walkout porch.

This space can be utilised for rocking chairs and a sitting area after you’re done working outside. Not only will this give you a spot to relax, but it will also add some character to your lawn as well. Moreover, your home will look more welcoming to your guests.

A Double Garage for Storage

The garage has a minimalistic design for a two-car garage. This design is for moms trying to stick to a simpler build while also getting the job done. It’s easy to construct and has sufficient space to store tools, decorations, sentimental items, and even a decent-sized workshop!

This DIY garage design is one of our favourites because it provides ample space for storage and can be built by moms easily. Moreover, the garage also has enough storage space for other members of the family to use.

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A Single Car Garage

A DIY single car garage has a captivating design with a large door that lets you fit a large vehicle in it if you need to. But additionally, you can also use this structure as storage space to place essential equipment for gardening and other belongings that you may need from time to time.

If you use this space correctly, this garage could solve all storage-related problems you’re currently facing!

A Garage With an Apartment

This is another two-door garage that can be useful. It’s incredibly functional and can hold lots of equipment and multiple vehicles. What sets this garage apart from the others we’ve mentioned in this list is that you can place a small-sized apartment on top of this structure.

If you want, you can also use the added space as storage. Either way, it’s a great option to have if you need large amounts of storage.

The Shell Garage

While this garage may not be for every mom, it certainly is for those on a budget. Quite simply, the shell garage is a garage with no floor. Consequently, it has a lower cost. So if you’re a mom trying to build a garage for added storage space but don’t have the money, consider building a shell garage.

Even without a floor, it can be a great protector for your vehicles, storage items and can also double as a working space too.

Garage With a Loft

This DIY design has a 5-feet loft that can double as an additional storage space or an added living area. It has a 6-feet window, a personal entrance, and 24 x 24-floor space to fit two cars and equipment.

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Moreover, it also has an interior staircase that lets you access the loft easily. This is the perfect plan for mothers who want space to rent out or use for work-related purposes!

The Western Garage

Most mums would consider this garage to be typical. It can fit two cars and is very similar to the garages you can see attached to most houses. However, the one noticeable aspect of this build is that this garage is detached.

This means that you can use this garage as a workshop without worrying about the dust particles going into your house when you walk back in. Moreover, if you’re worried about getting wet on your way from your house to the garage, you can build a covered walkway that keeps you dry.


If you’re searching the market for garage plans that moms can easily use to create the garage of their dreams, these are the seven plans that will fit all of your needs. Hopefully, these plans will help you understand what you could build that falls within your budget.

However, if these sheds don’t seem to get the job done, consider getting pre-built farm sheds that can help you protect your livestock!