5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To An Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

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Like eco-friendly cat toys and baby toys, there are also numerous eco-friendly cat litter options on the market.

You can take one step toward sustainable living by finding eco-friendly alternatives to your life. Many go on with their life without realizing that their carbon footprint is already high. The doomsday news of many scientists in 2022 (and the past years) are already serious calls for everyone to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle to conserve our environment and lessen the greenhouse effect, cat litter included.

If you’re a parent and at the same time a cat owner, here’s why it’s about time that you switch to eco-friendly cat litter.

It isn’t Toxic

The common eco-friendly litters are wood-based, kernel-based, hemp-based, walnut-based, wheat-based, grass seed based, and recycled paper-based. Other than that, you can also opt for eco friendly tofu cat litter! You have numerous great cat litter environmental options, ensuring you steer clear of litter products containing bentonite clay, dyes, silica dust, fragrances, and other toxic chemicals.

The eco-friendly types of cat litter mentioned above aren’t toxic at all, and it’s a great alternative to switch to a life of sustainability. It’s also great if your cat has allergies. Cat litters made from plant extracts are also great in case your cat tries or accidentally swallows some litter. You may not need to bring them to the vet’s office.

An eco-friendly cat litter’s non-toxicity also extends to children and babies. Babies and toddlers may not already be aware that it’s dangerous to play with litter or feces, nor is it dangerous to be around cat litter.

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Numerous parasites can live in a cat’s feces, namely toxoplasma gondii. It’s best to keep the little ones away from the litter box. However, it’s humanly impossible to always keep an eye on your kids. So, having eco-friendly cat litter can ensure that they’re protected by the natural ingredients used in the cat litter.

There’s Less Odor

Eco-friendly cat litter options ensure that every aspect of their product is sustainable. Some cat litters use a safe baking soda option deodorizer to neutralize bad odors in the litter, e.g., ammonia. There’s also a wide selection of natural scents in some products, like cherry blossom scent or orange, to eliminate the bad smells and just fill the room with pleasant scents.

Great Clumping Abilities

Being environmentally driven has served you well because this is an excellent bonus for cat owners. Since the ingredients for eco-friendly cat litter are 100% natural, it makes it very easy to dispose of with the quick clumping action.

You can easily scoop up the mess with minimal effort and, of course, guilt-free! You’ll also reduce the waste you normally discharge with this eco-friendly cat litter.

It’s Great for the Environment

The most common and readily available cat litter on the market is either clay or bentonite litter, which is known for quickly absorbing liquids. It indeed makes cleaning much easier. However, these are considered harmful to nature and the environment. The clay used for these products is sourced unsustainably through strip mining.

If you didn’t know, strip mining destroys wildlife habitats, forests, and landscapes. Strip mining can also contaminate the mine for years, even after it’s been shut down. It pollutes waterways and groundwater and causes noise and dust pollution. It’s why many environmentalists encourage people around them to switch to organic items and promote sustainability.

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Making a switch to plant-based and biodegradable cat litter is great because you can help reduce the number of customers who condone these big companies’ ill productions. You can ensure you’re doing your part to prolong this planet’s life and longevity by reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s Dust Free

Does your cat or children have breathing problems? If you have people or cats in the house that may be sensitive to dust or have breathing problems, they may have negative side effects to common and unsustainable bentonite litters on the market. Numerous conventional products contain significant amounts of silica dust.

If you didn’t know, the silica dust particles trapped in the lung tissue could cause scarring and inflammation. The particles can reduce the lungs’ capacity to take in oxygen. It harms babies and adults in the house to be around cat litter containing these.

Crystalline silica isn’t biodegradable, and like humans, cats can also experience shortness of breath and reduced lung capacity when this chemical accumulates in your cat’s lungs. Thankfully, eco-friendly options are dust-free and don’t cause lung issues.

Final Thoughts

You can join the club of green pet owners by starting with your cat litter, which is a great place to start. Indeed, it isn’t glamorous starting where your cat poops themselves, but starting with it can make a significant environmental difference.

Everything from purchasing eco-friendly cat litter to disposing of it should be carefully thought of. There’s a way you can do every step with an eco-friendly thought in mind! If you don’t correctly dispose of your cat waste, it may become hazardous to you, your family, and your environment.

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