7 Smart Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

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Whether it’s for groceries, back to school, or sprucing your wardrobe, shopping can take a toll on your pocket. However, with a few money-saving shopping tips, you can buy more for less. Before making any purchase decisions, determine whether the items you’re buying have a purpose and how long they’ll last. How much of the item or how often will you use it? Answering this question helps you not buy things that will clutter your home. Here are smart shopping tips that will save you money.

Use coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on items you were already going to spend on. Using coupons involves looking for deals on goods and services for catalogs, newspapers or looking for online promo codes. While this can be time-consuming, each coupon’s contribution to your budget accumulates over time.

Consider accelerating your coupon search by inviting brands to email you whenever they have discounts directly. You can have some coupon offers from DontPayFull or other legitimate sites. Consider looking for coupon codes via Google search or use coupon apps.

Leverage cashback opportunities

Shopping portals provide an easy option to create an account then shop online through affiliate links. Some stores like Amazon offer cashback rewards for all purchases made using credit cards. Each purchase earns you a percentage of cashback points that you can redeem for cash once you meet the threshold. Consider comparing prices on cashback sites to land yourself the best saving deal.

Compare prices

When shopping, compare prices from various stores and online shops to find good deals, especially if you’re making a big purchase. Online purchases come with hidden costs, so calculate the cumulative costs to ensure you aren’t paying for more than you should. Consider using price comparison sites when buying washing machines, fridges, TVs, digital cameras, and even supermarket shopping. Comparing your weekly store’s prices across several other big stores helps you determine when your favorite items will be on sale.

Leave items in the cart

Cart abandonment is a shopping saving strategy that customers employ. It involves you filling the cart with items you are interested in then leaving without completing the purchase. This gives you time to look for other cheaper options, sites with free shipping options, or rethink your purchases to avoid impulse buying.

Additionally, abandoning your purchase in the cart can earn a discount. When you fail to complete your purchase, some stores start sending you emails with special offers. However, avoid jumping at the first offer you get, as leaving it there for longer can earn you higher discounts. Don’t make cart abandonment a habit for saving money, as the store operators can eventually figure it out and ignore you.

Buy discounted gift cards

Gift cards are pre-paid vouchers. You can buy them at discounted rates then use them at specific stores at any time. For example, you can get a gift card worth $5000 for $4000, or even less. You can use these cards on any purchase, even discounted goods or services, to ensure more savings.

Some gift cards come through programs or organizations at a fee, so ensure that getting them can save you money. To earn as many savings as possible from gift cards, ensure that you use them for items you usually use, at stores you already shop at and that you won’t be encouraged into additional, unnecessary spending.

Look out for special offers

Special offers are an excellent way to save money, but they sometimes lead to spending on items you don’t need. Determine whether the offers being issued can save you money. For example, if you find a special offer for three items for a dollar, find out if buying the three items individually from another shop is cheaper. Finding out whether the offers are genuine is what saves you money.

Make a budget

Shopping on a budget is always an excellent way to save, especially if you stick to it. Before shopping, check what you need to avoid buying stuff you already have, mainly if they have shorter expiration dates. Make a list of what you need and include corresponding price estimates. This makes it easy to know how to spend and what, avoiding impulse buying.


Every little penny counts when you’re trying to cut down your spending. Use the above smart shopping tips to save you money the next time you go shopping.

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