The most common accidents you need to aware of

If you’re a rather clumsy person, it might seem as though accidents happen on a pretty regular basis, but the rest of us tend to go a few years without having anything that could be called a ‘proper’ accident. In fact, if you’re not particularly accident-prone, you might not even know what some of the most common accidents are, and how they occur. Let’s explore it…

Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls are incredibly common, as you don’t have to be doing anything risky or dangerous for them to occur. Often, they can be traced back to someone else’s negligence, such as a cleaner leaving a tiled floor wet in a public place without a warning sign, or a loose wire being strewn across a floor, left where someone is likely to trip over it – if you experience any of these incidents, you may want to contact this slip and fall lawyer (in Ft. Lauderdale).

Back injuries

Another common injury is a strain or a pull in your back due to heavy lifting. Without using the correct technique of lifting with your knees, it can be really easy to cause damage to your back, and this can be agony. Another example of this is when something isn’t labeled correctly, and someone tries to hold a box that weighs a lot more than they are expecting. There are many ways to avoid back injuries, and it’s essential to know how to keep your back safe.

Repetitive strain injuries

As the name suggests, repetitive strain injury (or RSI) is something that occurs when you repeat a motion so often that it starts to cause pain. For example, if you always use your thumbs to use your phone, you may notice that they ache and get sore after a lot of texting. Using a computer is another common way that RSIs occur, although people who work in factories performing a repetitive, strenuous task also experience RSIs.

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Motor vehicle accidents

Whether it’s a small bump while parking or a more severe collision – car accidents are sadly all too common. They may be caused by dangerous or distracted driving or weather and conditions on the roads. The results of car accidents can be really devastating, and it’s crucial that every time you get into a car, you remember how important it is to pay attention and be alert.

Falling objects

One reason you should never walk under a ladder is that there is often someone working at the top of it, and you never know when something is going to fall from there and cause a nasty injury if it hits you! Ladders aren’t the only things to be wary of when it comes to falling objects – if items are stacked unsafely at the top of shelves, for example, you may need to keep your eyes peeled and your reactions sharp.

Many accidents can be avoided, or their impact reduced if we all pay more attention and try to live carefully.