5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You’d Never Think of Getting

Moms are special! And, they’re notoriously hard to surprise and shop for. But, this Mother’s Day, we have put together a selection of unusual and outrageous gifts that she won’t expect. Get ready to revel in the look for sheer delight on her face when she opens the present and understands the lovely message you’ve sent her. Convey all your love and the warmest of wishes on her very special day. Here are some exciting ideas to get you started.

If you’re like me, then you always struggle to find ideas for your mom. You want her to have a great date with your father or husband, but you also can’t spend too much money since you just spent a ton of cash buying her some earrings for mother’s day. If that’s the case, we feel your pain. We’re here to help you come up with 5 amazing gift ideas you would never think of getting her.

Specially-Ordered Hats

If your Mom loves to spend lots of time outdoors, order customized hats that keep the sun out of her eyes. Surprisingly enough, hats are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and purposes. For instance, you could order hats with 5 or 6 panels complete with a profile style, structuring, fitted, or adjustable. When placing your order, make sure to pick out the shapes suitable for women in general small, medium, or large sizes. You could also get a personalized message imprinted on one of the panels, with the option of screen printing, digital printing, or embroidery.

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Hand-Illustrated Portrait of Your Childhood Home

The home where you grew up will always hold a special place in your heart. Parents also cherish the houses where they raised their kids. Capture a moment in time by getting a unique portrait made of the home, complete with toys, a tricycle, or a pet. You’ll upload a picture to the website taking your order, and request a painting on museum-quality paper. Unlike digital images taken with cameras, you can have the picture customized by adding details just as you remember them. Switch out the tree for the slender sapling you planted and tended with your siblings. Or, add the old clunker of a family car your Mom used to drive the kids to soccer practice.

Unusual Jewelry to Bring Good Luck

Your Mom probably has a collection of beautiful jewelry, with each piece being a fond remembrance, either gifted to her by Dad or heirlooms handed down over generations. Some she might have bought as a treat or to commemorate a family event. This Mother’s Day, you could give her unusual pieces that are unlike any other she might own. Think metaphysical jewelry like amulets and pendants that have mystical abilities and bring her good luck and positivity. For instance, the Bastet Cat Amulet pendant depicts a winged cat believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and professional success to the wearer.

Charming Bath Accessory

Bath bombs, essential oils, and salts are fairly common gifts, and your Mom probably has loads that she never got down to using. This Mother’s Day, give her a new bath accessory that will motivate her to put her entire collection to good use. Get her a cedarwood wine glass holder that can be attached to the bath wall with suction cups. The holder is adorned with smooth beach stones and is perfect for holding a stylish wine glass to keep it safe from breakage between sips.

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Glass Birdhouse and Feeder

A birdhouse or feeder is a lovely way to attract little members of the winged species. Gift your Mom a glass birdhouse that is easy to clean and maintain, so she can watch as its residents make themselves cozy and comfortable. She’ll love to place the house in a warm area in winters and put out seeds for snacking.


Bring in Mother’s Day in 2021 with these charming gifts for the most special woman in your life. Spend time with her as she opens the gifts, and talk about what each one means to you. Bring back pleasant memories and build new ones.