Differences Between Cane Syrup and Molasses

What Are the Differences Between Cane Syrup and Molasses?

When it comes to buying sweets the market is full of options that can add essence to the dishes. Typically, people in the southern United States prefer to use cane syrup, while others use molasses. Both differ in taste, texture, and benefits. Stillwater Farmers Market is the best source to buy sugarcane syrup and molasses, but before that, it is necessary to get the exact difference between them.

Comparison Between Cane Syrup and Molasses

In basic terms, a sugar syrup is formed by a combination of sugar and water. On the other hand, molasses is a by-product obtained during the sugar-making process. Let us compare these terms for a detailed understanding.

Production procedure

Ribbon cane syrup is formed after the process of boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice. Whereas, molasses is produced during the sugar-making process. Molasses is the residue left after sugar crystals are removed from sugarcane during the process of boiling sugarcane.


Molasses is available in different colors. The variation in colors is due to the process of crystallization of sugar. If the molasses is light in color, this indicates that it is a residue after the first boiling process. However, dark molasses is a residue that is produced after the second boiling process. Blackstrap molasses is thought to be a residue that is produced after the third boiling process. It has also been determined that cane syrup is available in two colors which are light and dark.


The longevity of ribbon cane or molasses depends on the storage capacity. When you make such a purchase from an online store, you will come to know about the expiry of the product and for how long you can consume the product. Unopened containers of sugarcane syrup and molasses should be stored at room temperature. Once you open them, it is suggested to store them in the refrigerator. However, they have a maximum shelf life of two years, so they have to be consumed within 2 years after opening the bottle. If you can see crystals in the product, it is suggested to heat the syrup on low flame.


There are substitutes for cane syrup and molasses. However, dark cane syrup, maple syrup, and honey are used as substitutes for molasses. Similarly, light cane syrup is considered the best alternative to cane syrup. If you are planning to buy these products from the online store, you will get all the information in the details section. In case of any doubts about the products, be sure to do additional research about them on the web.

What to Consider When Buying Ribbon Cane Syrup Online?

There are endless options and brands in the market when you start exploring them. If you go online to see what products to buy or where to buy them, you are likely to be overwhelmed with options. Thus, we would suggest that you ask for recommendations from your friends who have bought Ribbon Cane Syrup online. One of the nice things about online shopping is that it has open comment sections. Pay attention to customer reviews to get a clearer picture of the quality. Keep ratings in mind when comparing syrup brands or platforms. Search for discounts and take advantage of perks.

Summing up,

We hope that now it has become easy for you to differentiate between sugarcane syrup and molasses. If buying any of them got you to this blog post, we suggest you take a look at Stillwater Farmers Market and shop.

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