What is Dermatology

Dermatology is an area of medicine dealing with the health of the skin and diseases. Dermatology includes both medical and surgical aspects of the skin that can be treated by boca raton dermatology. A dermatologist plays an important role in educating, screening, and treating various skin issues. The word dermatology derives from the Greek word (dermatos) which means skin and logia means study. The doctor of skin known as a dermatologist is a doctor that specializes in treating skin, hair, nail, and mucous membrane disorders. Some dermatologists complete fellowships in surgical dermatology.

Facts about Dermatology

  1. Skin constantly renews itself.
  2. Drink two litres of water a day for healthy skin.
  3. If you have white marks on your nails sign of calcium deficiency.
  4. Sun rays source of vitamin D which is beneficial for the skin.
  5. The skin loses melanin, leading to patches of lighter coloured skin.
  6. Dermatology is concerned with the health of the skin, nails, and mucous membranes.
  7. There are around 8,500 qualified dermatologists in the U.S.
  8. Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin.
  9. Fungal infections are common, and symptoms are normal skin.
  10. Dermatologists also treat conditions affecting the nails.
  11. Rosacea causes redness in the face.
  12. The most common forms of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma (BCC), melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).
  13. Dermatologists use a range of medical and cosmetic surgical procedures.
  14. Stress can make the skin unhealthy.
  15. Stress can make skin unhealthy.
  16. The basic principles of keeping skin healthy are mainly common sense.
  17. Dermatologists use technology and prescription drugs to help heal your acne and smooth your skin.
  18. Sometimes a dermatologist prescribes you a seemingly unrelated medication for your skin condition.
  19. Skin Regulates Body Temperature.
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