Dealing with Memory Loss

Forgetfulness is a gradual illness that happens to almost everyone at one time in their life. For pregnant women, the “baby brains” can cause memory loss. Memory loss has often been associated with aged people. However, many times people forget house keys and car keys. The most common symptoms of memory loss are asking questions frequently like a person’s name and forgetting common words in conversations. The good news is, many facilities have excelled and continue to help the aged with memory loss. An example is a memory care facility.

Other early signs of memory loss include:

  • Jumbling words up, for example, saying ‘bed’ instead of ‘table’.
  • Having mood swings or changes in behavior for no reason.
  • Misplacing things around the home or work environment, for example, putting the laptop in the bathroom.
  • Taking long hours to complete familiar tasks such as gardening.

Additionally, some medications may cause reversible memory loss. Few are the times that after the doctor’s prescription, one is requested not to operate machinery. Also, combining several medications at once or in a short period can cause memory loss. Another common cause is a minor injury or head trauma. A minor fall or accident can lead to memory loss even though one does not lose consciousness. Other causes of reversible memory loss are:

  • brain diseases
  • emotional disorders
  • alcoholism
  • vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • hypothyroidism

Fortunately, there are tests carried out to ascertain the degree of memory loss. If you or your loved one is concerned about their memory, it’s vital to seek medical care and start treatment immediately. Most memory loss diseases are not curable. Additionally, the physician will conduct a question and answer test to judge your thinking skills and memory. Blood tests and brain-imaging tests can also be used to identify dementia-like symptoms and reversible causes of memory loss. Finally, one may be referred later to a psychiatrist, neurologist, psychologist, or geriatrician.

Occasionally, everyone forgets things. However, there are certain activities like sleeping well and eating healthily that sharpen your memory. Other activities include;

Including physical activities in the daily routine. It’s advisable to squeeze in a 10-minute walk daily if one cannot have time for a full workout. Exercise improves the blood flow to the body, inclusive of the brain.

Be mentally active. Activities such as learning a new recipe, using a different route while driving, doing crossword puzzles, and learning to crochet will keep the brain in shape and memory loss at bay.

Socialize regularly. For people who live alone, social interactions are of great benefit as they ward off stress and depression, which are contributors to memory loss.

Get organized. Avoid congestion and cluttering of the home and work environment. Keep a to-do list and tick out any completed tasks. Distractions and doing too many things at once may lead to memory loss.

Manage chronic conditions. It’s very crucial to follow all recommendations given by the physician or doctor. Additionally, keep evaluating the medications regularly.

Dealing with memory loss is no easy task, but one can live a comfortable and satisfying life with good treatment and care. There are actions one can take in ensuring the family and loved ones are not left suffering. Treatment of memory loss depends on the contributing factors. One should settle all legal and financial matters first before memory loss becomes irreversible.

Also, one should find a good facility or have home-based care. It’s important to protect yourself and others from unproven treatments. Moreover, memory tools go a long way in assisting the aged to remember simple tasks like the name of days. Always question drugs that are written ‘scientific breakthroughs’ such may be a marketing trick used by companies to lure vulnerable people seeking medical help.

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