Captivate Your Audience: Proven Tips For Instagram Engagement

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If you have chosen Instagram to boost your business by building brand awareness, you are on the right track. Instagram has become one of the top-notch social media platforms, helping thousands of brands and business owners promote their products and services effortlessly to targeted audiences. But if you want to be one among them, you should understand Instagram engagement.

Only posting on Instagram is not enough. If you are not getting enough likes, comments, and shares, what are you even doing? Next thing you know, you are only wasting your time, struggling to get any customers from Instagram. Hence, it is essential to understand how to maximize the engagement rate. Only with authentic engagement will you get more followers and your business flourish on Instagram.

So, if you want tips for increased engagement on Instagram, let me help you through this post!

What Is Engagement Rate On Instagram?

By Instagram engagement, we mean all the ways users interact with your content. It’s how your audience reacts to the content you post regularly. It includes likes, shares, comments, saves, etc.

In short, your engagement rate is the number of likes and comments per post divided by the number of followers you have multiplied by 100. A good engagement rate is somewhere between one and three. If it is above three, then you have an excellent rate.

If your likes and comments keep increasing, amounting to a good count, your audience is reacting well. Your brand will have a higher chance of turning followers into customers with such engagement.

Why Is Instagram Engagement Rate Important?

Engagement is necessary because a heightened rate will help your content get prioritized by Instagram. According to the Instagram algorithm, if your followers interact well with your content, it will reach a wider audience. So, it is essential to keep a check on your audience interaction.

Tips For Growing Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Now that you know why engagement is important, here are some tips to organically grow your business.

Quality Content Making

Before anything, you have to focus on your quality. The two most essential elements that improve engagement are saves and shares. And to compel your audience to share and save your content, your content has to be extraordinary.

Hence, start creating content that is share-worthy. Build content your audience would want to see on repeat and ask others to watch. For instance, you can add attractive infographics, top-level editing, stylish graphs and captions, etc. The new trend is to focus on short-form videos. They have a very high chance of going viral.

Interact With Users

The last thing you want to do is act like a robot. No one likes to be left unattained, not even your users. So, if you care about improving engagement, you better not ignore your followers.

The best step here is to respond to comments you receive on your posts. You can also start a conversation on DMs, react to tagged content, or show your followers that you care by engaging right back.

Also, if you want to create future opportunities, do not hesitate to make the first move by commenting on the posts of like-minded users. It will help the audience trust your presence more.

Play With Captions

While your content is already top-notch, it is time to play with the captions. Strong captions with the right words bring in successful engagement stories. They can bring out your brand personality, add context, and, most importantly, compel your audience to take action.

So, the goal is to write catchy captions with the right keywords, hashtags, and emojis, along with a call-to-action line. For instance, “Comment your favorite product” or “Click the link in my bio.” Doing this will surely make your audience engage and interact with your post more.

Incorporate Top-Performing Posts

The best way to attract a larger audience is by looking at your past’s top-performing posts. Look for a common theme among the top posts. That is to say, if you see people engaging more positively with certain posts, mark the similarities between them.

The aim is to look for commonalities between the top posts and incorporate them into the upcoming posts. You can use Instagram analytics tools to search for results. For instance, you might find the audience reacting more actively to posts with bright fonts or background music. Try to copy those elements in the next post.

Create Relatable Memes

It is 2023, and nobody likes anything more than relatable memes. Memes are funny, innovative, and easy to understand. So, if you want to monetize your brand by showing true creativity, a meme is the way.

However, you cannot just make use of any meme that you like. Learn your audience, see what they like, and make memes that relate to them. With the right meme, you will get a good count of likes, comments, and shares, regardless of your niche.


These are some new and foolproof ways to improve your Instagram engagement. Other than these, you can always focus on scheduling your posts by using management tools to post when your users are active. Once you get the right engagement rate, you will have a lot of customers generated from Instagram.

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