Benefits of Labiaplasty?

Also known as labia minora reduction, labiaplasty is a common procedure that millions of women have benefited from over the years. In addition to potentially helping you avoid a variety of uncomfortable health complications, this operation could also boost your confidence and restore your self-image. As an added bonus, this procedure can now be carried out with cutting-edge medical lasers, and that has greatly reduced the average recovery time. Here is a closer look at just a few of the reasons why you might want to undergo this procedure.

Potential Complications of an Enlarged Labia Minora

Some women are born with an enlarged labia while others will develop that condition as they grow older and go through hormonal changes. In many situations, a slightly enlarged labia minora will not impact a woman’s self-confidence or overall comfort. That being said, this condition can get worse over time, and you might find yourself struggling with any number of issues. In addition to being a cosmetic problem for some patients, an enlarged labia minora can also cause general discomfort. Exercising, putting on tight clothing, and other everyday tasks might become frustrating.

If you have been struggling with any of those issues, then you should consider labiaplasty in Beverly Hills. This safe and effective procedure can often be completed in a matter of hours, and the results could potentially last for the rest of your life.

What Are the Results Going to Be Like?

There are a few simple steps that you can take to get a better idea of what kind of results this procedure can produce. The first thing that you will want to do is take a look at some labiaplasty before and after pictures. Those pictures will show the typical results that most patients can expect. You will also need to schedule an initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon a few weeks before the procedure is carried out. Your surgeon will be able to explain what takes place during the operation and how you can prep for your procedure.

A Look at the Operation

This is a highly personalized procedure, and every operation is going to be slightly different. For most patients, the “central wedge” technique is going to be used during the labiaplasty procedure. That technique allows a surgeon to preserve the form and function of the labia minora edge while still removing excess tissue. With that technique, the small scar can often be hidden in the natural contours of the soft tissue.

Explore Your Options Today

If you have recently taken a look at some labiaplasty before and after pictures and think that this procedure might be right for you, then you should schedule an appointment right away. With an experienced surgeon by your side and the proper aftercare, you could be back on your feet and enjoying the many benefits of this procedure before you know it.

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