A Top Mommy influencer And This Thing We Call “LIFE”

Alexa Servodidio has captured a lot of attention on the internet. Her radiant energy pops across the screen. A quick look at google shows her profiled in Psychology Today. A huge accomplishment for anyone in her field. Servodidio is more than a therapist. To us, she feels like a friend, a sister. Her relatable approach sets her apart. It is refreshing and unexpected. Her straightforward attitude is exactly what we need, Afterall it’s been a rocky ride on this spinning rock in space.

Alexa is a fighter. Fighting through her own IVF journey and sharing that experience with her followers. Her daughter Maxson a stunning example of why to keep pushing through adversity. She spends time with her mom, alongside raising her daughter. Her mom’s heritage is a topic of conversation and fascination.

Her new book has hit store shelves. Your Walk In Life is a guide to transforming pain into peace. Available alongside her first book, Finding Your Peace Within The Chaos. We recommend tossing both in your cart. Your Walk In Life is a workbook and aid to healing trauma. Her first book is a page-turner and left us feeling euphoric about continuing our journey with Alexa by our side.

Follow @askalexatherapy on social media and make sure to visit her website at ASKALEXATHERAPY.com

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