A Journey of Faith: Finding God in Everyday Life

A Journey of faith is very beautiful and completely built upon trust. Each one can find god in everyday life, and there are a lot of ways to find god. Each and everything contains energy in itself which is known as the soul, and that soul can neither be made nor can be destroyed by anything.

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Different ways of finding god include finding god in human beings, nature, or non-living things. Having faith or starting the journey of trust is a big task that cannot be done by everyone. It is a spiritual practice that an individual has to do to build trust in god.

Exploring of Faith

For understanding faith in daily life, you will have to explore the journey with your family and friends. This is the path from where you can start the journey of faith in your life, which will lead you to a spiritual life. Let’s explore more about understanding faith and faith in daily life.

Understanding Faith

It is crucial to understand faith if you want to build a spiritual faith. Faith means to build trust, and you can start it with your family and friends itself. First, you will have to start trusting small things to understand the process of faith then you will get deep into spiritual faith.

Faith in Daily Life

You can build up faith in daily life by researching the matter of trust. You can do it by developing your faith in your loved ones, and then gradually, you will be able to build trust in everyone and daily life.

God in everyday life

It is not so hard to find god in everyday life because we are taught from the beginning that god is everywhere. The presence of god is a fact, and god always constantly reaches us. There are two ways to find god in daily life that is by recognizing god’s presence and guidance. So, let’s go through it briefly.

Recognizing God’s Presence

According to the previous sentence, God is everywhere, and you can find the presence of god in every soul. Often you get the prediction of good or bad from your inner soul, which is called the recognition of god’s presence, and it never lets you take any wrong step.

God’s Guidance

Guidance of god is necessary, and in the above section, we have talked about the prediction you get of right and wrong, and according to that prediction, you make any decision is known as the guidance of god. The inner soul will never let you take any wrong decision; that is why it is known as pure soul or energy, which can be contacted together by doing meditation.

Personal Transformation

When you start trusting in spiritual things, your personality changes according to various cultures or spiritual practices. This personal transformation will take you to spiritual growth and faith-driven changes. So, let’s go through it.

Spiritual Growth

It is an enhanced form of personal transformation. After starting the flow towards the right path, the travel of spiritual growth starts. It will change you completely and will take you towards the path of the spiritual world, and then you will not like to be in connection with the materialistic world. It is generally known as the spiritual growth of the person, and he/she will only want to be in solitude and meditate like monks.

Faith-Driven Changes

As you will change to the spiritual world, your faith in everything will also change, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad because you have to be cautious as well.

For example, monks don’t have to worry about anything, and also they don’t have any relatives or family, so their trust build-up is very advanced, which means they trust anyone and at any time because they do not fear death as the common people do.


While building up trust and moving towards the spiritual world, you will have to trust, and between those, many challenges will come, which you will have to face. The challenges include danger, cheating, misguidance, etc. As you come out facing all these challenges, you will become a person who will never fear facing any challenges.

For example, a monk faces many challenges in following the path of being a monk. Similarly, you will have to face many kinds of harsh words sometimes in following the path of spirituality.

Overcoming Doubt

In following the path of spirituality, you should never be in doubt, and even if any doubt arises, you should always listen to your guru or head monk, who can show you the right path and clear all your doubts. When you overcome your doubts, you will start believing or trusting yourself. Overcoming this will enhance and increase your confidence.

Celebrating Victories

You should always celebrate your victories. Whether it is a small or big victory, it doesn’t matters because celebrating victories will also enhance your confidence level and will encourage you to move forward in your path. It will also enlighten your journey of spirituality.


In conclusion, a journey from faith to spirituality is mesmerizing path. Spirituality is a very vast decision that cannot be taken by all because many are not able to face the challenges which come with following the path of spirituality.

You can find god in everyday life by helping others, feeding others, and also by your humanity and meditation. In each and every way, you will find god. God also shows himself to the spiritual people and maintains their faith. So, trust the god, and he will never let you down. Good luck!

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