“You’re Not a Single Mom When Your Husband Travels” -Actual Single Mothers

We’ve all seen the Facebook posts by moms whose spouses are away on business trips for a few days or even weeks at a time. “Making dinner while wrangling the kids. Joe is in Baltimore for a conference #SingleMom” or “I’m so exhausted! Can’t wait until Terry comes home so I’m not a single mom anymore.”

Single Mom

“It’s stupid as hell,” says actual single mother Debbie Garter of south Michigan, “Please stop saying that. Your husband is out making money, not having dinner with his new family. We’re not the same.”

Colleen Tripper of San Francisco, California whose husband works for a major tech company disagrees.

“During those 5-6 days a month when Ben is meeting with clients, I am a single mother. If not for takeout, my housekeeper Lucinda, and Chardonnay, I don’t know what I’d do,” she said in a sit down interview at her $3 million dollar home.

“Once I couldn’t find my phone charger and my iPhone 6 was dead. He couldn’t reach me for four hours. I felt like a military wife.”