Five Meal Ideas For Parents Tired of Packing School Lunches

With summer just around the corner parents are feeling school fatigue just as much as their restless little ones. Chances are you’d rather snort a line of Sriracha than look at another reading log or go on one more school field trip. Unfortunately, kids need to eat and if you’re running out of school lunch ideas, we’ve got a few that will keep your name out of a CPS file.

1. Dinner leftovers. Look at all of the corn left on that cob! Simply toss it into a Ziploc bag and while your child might not be grateful but technically you did provide them with a meal. By letting your little one experience a day in the life of a dumpster diver and giving them scraps that would normally find their way into the compost bin, you’re teaching them about waste.


2. A handful of mushrooms. Check the back of your crisper for these fun little fungi. They probably are full of vitamins. In Alice in Wonderland there are mushrooms which makes this lunch full of whimsy and magic.


3. A butter sandwich. This meal was a favorite during the Great Depression and is still popular in many rural parts of the world today. Butter is almost meat which makes this sandwich as nutritious as it is easy. If your child complains, let them know that with their imagination, they can turn this meal into anything they want. The sky’s the limit, buddy!

Single slice of buttered white bread ready to make a snack or sandwich on a white background with copyspace, overhead view

4. Canned goods. These aren’t just for food drives anymore. Empty a half can of your child’s favorite baked beans into a Tupperare container. Place a spoon inside of the lunchbox if you feel like it. Tell your little one that this is hobo cosplay and watch their eyes light up with excitement. They’re going to be the most popular ones at the lunch table! Good job, mama!


5. A crumpled dollar bill. On days when you can’t muster the motivation to pack an actual lunch, a single dollar bill let’s your child know that you care somewhat. Teach your child about independence and commerce by letting them buy food off of their friends. Who knows, maybe you’re raising a future entrepreneur! If your child is being particularly good, toss in some change as well.

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