Holding Hands Shows How Close You Are In The Relationship

People are giving away signals on a minute basis. Every time our body makes a move or even doesn’t make a move, we are giving away a signal. Understanding body language is crucial. The verbal communication is limited to what a person says. But non-verbal communication tells us much more. In that spirit, the way you hold hands says a lot about your relationship. Sometimes, the way you hold hands has a hidden meaning behind.

Down-facing palm

When you hold hands with your palms facing down, you are in a relationship based on affection. There is no passion in your relationship. The one that places the palm downwards is the person with stronger personality in the relationship. That person is the one who takes initiative and is the more decisive individual between the two of you.

Interlocked fingers

This is a sign of passion. But there is a trick here as well. The hidden message is how loose and relaxed you hold each other. If one of the persons holds hands more relaxed than the other, that person is not into the relationship. However, if both of you hold hands firmly with interlocked fingers, you have a strong connection.

One-finger hold

When you value your independence and your own personality, you hold hands with just one finger. You feel close to your partner, but you respect your own and your partner’s privacy and space. However, if this happens after a while, it might be a signal that your relationship is not as close as it used to be. If you started with interlocked fingers, and you came to one-finger hold, something is going wrong.


The best sign that your relationship is getting serious is when you hold your partner’s arm with your other hand for reinforcement. However, it can also be a sign of a possessive person. The one holding the arm with reinforcement might be a little bit insecure and wants everyone to know you two are in a relationship.

Linked arms

Another sign of insecurity in the relationship is when you chose to have linked arms instead of holding hands. Simply put, you grab your partner’s arm to ask for protection. That also makes you feel closer to your partner.

Pulling your partner’s hand

The best way to see whether you and your partner are in the same place is holding hands. When one of the partners is pulling the other partner’s hand, that is a sign you are not in the same place. One of you wants to take things slowly, while the other wants to speed things up.

Not holding hands

Some people simply do not prefer to hold hands. But usually, this is a sign that your partner is not that into you. But do not panic. Some people prefer to keep the relationship private. Or they are just shy. Do not be afraid to ask what the problem is.

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