How do you drive? Steering wheel grip reveals your personality!

Have you ever thought how you hold the steering wheel? Or it just comes instinctively to you? Well, the fact of the matter is that the way you hold the steering wheel reflects a lot about your personality. For most people, driving is a routine. You get into the car, adjust mirrors, settle into your seat, put your car in driving, and take off. But while you do not pay attention to little details like where your hands are on the steering wheel, it might be time to think about it. It is hard to imagine that you will change your grip. But it is nice to know what the way you hold the steering wheel shows your personality.

One hand on the side of the steering wheel

When you drive with just one hand on the side of the steering wheel, you are a minimalist. You want to live as simple as possible. You try not to stress about little details. And you sure as hell do not stress about unimportant things. As for your friends, you are more of a closed-circle type person. You do not like many acquaintances, and you are not interested in drama. Do not worry, your laid back style doesn’t make you boring. Instead, your style allows you to live your life without stress.

One hand at the top, one at the bottom

This is a sign of a logical and practical person. You are rational, dependable, and always reasonable. When your friends need advice, they come to you for proper guidance. You help them make the right decisions. Yes, you can have mood swings every now and then. However, in most cases, you are able to control your emotions.

Both hands on the center of the wheel

Holding both hands on the center of the steering wheel shows you are a peacemaker. You do not like conflicts at all, and you never raise your voice. In hostile situations, you try to bring people together. When there is a problem, you step up and try to solve it. Any hostile and stressful situations make you uncomfortable.

Both hands evenly spaced on the top

This is the perfectionist talking. You stick to what you were taught to do. During driving school, you were told to keep your hands evenly spaced on the top, and you follow that principle. This is the right way to drive. It is your belief that everything should be done the right way. You are successful, and people look up to you for your work ethic.

Both hands together on the top

Very similar grip to the one of the perfectionist. But this is a total opposite. Holding both hands together on the top of the wheel shows you are an alarmist. It is no surprise, as you are constantly second-guessing yourself. You need friends and family members to calm you down. Often, you struggle with anxiety. However, behind all that anxiety, there is a compassionate person.

One hand on the center of the steering wheel

We have an adventurer here. You like to take risks, and go on adventures. That includes skydiving and even some more extreme adventures like swimming with the sharks. You can notice this way of holding the steering wheel in commercials for off-road adventure vehicles. People around you are worried about your safety. However, those that know you, understand your love for adventure.

Both hands evenly spaced on the bottom

You are the boss, and you want to show that to everyone. This is a sign of a born leader who takes responsibility for his/hers actions. People around you look up to you and see you as their mentor. Your friends and family trust your judgment. Your leadership skills draw others to you.

Both hands together on the bottom of the wheel

You are what people call a “breadwinner”. That is a term meaning someone who works hard to support his family. And while you work hard and put enormous effort in your work, you are also compassionate. When others succeed, you are the first one to congratulate and celebrate with them. You offer support to those who need. In life, you go with the flow. However, you know that you are responsible for your own happiness.

One hand at the top center

Keeping it cool, you know you can stay calm in any situation. You are always collected and in control of the situation. When your friends want to relax and relieve stress, they know you are the person to call.

One hand on the side of the steering wheel, and one on the horn

Constantly rushing, you always have somewhere to be. You do not have time for people to get in your way. You are very ambitious, and people admire your ambition. In addition, people like you for your decisiveness.

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